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Rocky and Jerrie Woodford are one of the few outfitting teams that actively participate in the hunts. The best way we've found to keep a "hands on" approach with our business in order to truly measure customer satisfaction is by our active involvement in each hunt. Rocky not only oversees the hunt but also guides.  Jerrie serves as hostess and prepares meals.  Our team  includes  guides that aside from being avid hunters themselves, utilize all their knowledge and training to make certain each hunter enjoys a rewarding hunting excursion.  We consider them a direct reflection on our business and are proud of the caliber of guides we employ.

Our Ranches:   For whitetail and free roaming axis deer and blackbuck antelope, we offer hunting located near Eldorado, approximately 12,000 acres of what is called 'the divide country' - dividing hill country from Edwards Plateau.  Divide country hosts mesquite flats as well as some cedar and live oak motts producing larger deer than the smaller deer of the hill country. Hunting on a ranch this size means being able to hunt all day and never seeing the same area twice or another hunter! 


Texas Panhandle Ranches: We hunt several ranches in the Miami area of the panhandle of Texas.  These ranches offer some of the biggest trophy Pronghorn Antelope in the state.



Camps and Lodging:

The camps/lodging for our hunts are very comfortable. You will be served 3 meals each day along with snacks and drinks as desired.  Any special diet requirements will be provided for but do ask for notification prior to the hunt. 

Guide Services including the dressing, caping, skinning, and quartering of your harvested game, airport pickup and return (along with transportation to obtain licenses, tobacco products, and alcohol), meals and lodging. We will also transport your quartered game to a local meat processor for processing to your specifications or for shipping.  The same applies to your caped trophy for mounting - we will deliver your animal for mounting or shipping per your instructions to a local taxidermist. 

Hunting equipment, alcohol and tobacco products, and licenses.

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