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Whitetail Hunting Almost Here!
Oct 30, 2012   11:49 AM
by Administrator

 With our 1st hunters arriving this coming Friday, Rocky & I have been very busy in preparation.  Rocky is wrapping up a mule deer hunt in NM and then headed back home to make final hunting stand inspections.  Our weather has been pretty cold this week but is forecasted to be normal (lows in the 40's and high's in the 60-70's) by the weekend.  Looking forward to a great season and sure looking forward to seeing so many friends.  Will be posting pictures soon!  Get your camo on!

Mule Deer - Seasonal Behavior
Sep 13, 2012   09:59 AM
by Administrator

Not only does food and habitat determine movement for Mule Deer, their breeding cycles are of great importance.  Their rut usually begins in the fall, determined by when the does begin their estrus cycle.  The bucks become aggressive and compete each other for the does.  Like whitetail, the mule deer does that do not breed return to the estrus period within a month.  The total gestation time for deer is about 190+ days.  Fawn are bone in the spring and stay with the mothers through the summer.



Hunting Season Around the Corner
Aug 24, 2012   10:43 AM
by Administrator

  Every year, the dog days of summer suddenly disappear and fall is in the air!  We saw our 1st flight of teal on the lake last week, mornings and evenings are pleasantly cool, and wildlife is everywhere!  The 1st year we moved to the San Angelo area, we were so concerned because we had hunts sold but rarely saw deer (it was August!). Then September & October rolled around with cooler temperatures and we were amazed at the numbers of whitetail deer. 

 It's nice to be able to report that even though most of our nation is experiencing drought conditions, we were blessed with rainfall throughout the year and horn development is good.  Especially good following a year like 2011 - which we don't even want to talk about! 

 So be on the alert, hunting fever seems to be cropping up everywhere!  Can't wait to see you guys (and a few gals!).  LOVE HUNTING!


Huntin Fool Publishes Arthur's Story
Jul 15, 2012   07:47 PM
by Administrator

 Huntin Fool magazine has published the story of Arthur's 2012 Spring Turkey hunt as written by his father, Steve.  Check it out at:

It's a really good read and the pictures are great!  Thanks Steve & Huntin Fool!

More on Mule Deer....
Jun 11, 2012   08:42 AM
by Administrator

Mule Deer weigh more and are bigger animals than whitetail deer.  Mule deer bucks are about 3 1/2 feet tall at the shoulders and weight between 150 - 400 lbs with does weighing much less at about 160 lbs.   

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