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Mar 31, 2011   09:55 AM
by Administrator

When we hunted spring turkey years (decades!) ago, it was with a rifle.  Rocky started hearing about calling birds and already being proficient in rattling Whitetail Deer, we couldn't wait to try it.  Oh my goodness - calling birds that had never been called was an awesome experience.  The 1st day we had four jakes that we literally kept trying to get away from and each time we moved our location, here they would come running with tongues wagging.  I named them "the Four Amigos" and resorted to standing up and 'shooing' them away.  Too fun!!  I harvested this 11" bearded gobbler that day and of course, we no longer used rifles for turkey but the trusted shotgun. 

A 12-gauge shotgun is the choice of the majority of our turkey hunters.  If using a 20-guage you need to shoot within 30 yards of the bird.  We have a good many hunters using guns manufactured specifically for turkey hunting with extra full or super-full chokes and low power scopes. 

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