Water & Whitetail Mangement

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Aug 03, 2011   07:55 AM
by Administrator

While the importance of browse and nutrition is great consideration when managing a deer herd, the availability of water is perhaps the more critical element.  Improving deer health requires a balance of protein and water. 

Liebig's Law states if we list all factors limiting a biological system, then determine which of those factors has the greatest impact, that factor is the limiting factor. The most scarce factor limits the entire system. Many time that limiting factor is water.

Whitetail deer drink .5 - 1.5 gallons water per day depending upon the time of year.  This water is consumed over 3-5 waterings throughout the day and night.  Nursing does have higher demands as they produce as much as 72 ounces of milk per day.  While they do benefit from moisture in their consumption of vegetation and even manufacture some water through digestion, the availability of free-water is one of the most important tools for a successful deer management program.



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