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J's Wild Game Processing
May 31, 2011   08:00 PM
by Administrator

We feed deer morning and evening around our house.  So much fun - and quite interesting to watch them grow and develop and then if they're bucks, usually disappear after a couple of years.  We have one young buck that started coming in with his mother when he was just a little, bitty fawn.  His name is "Dumpling".  When he was a youngster, he would run and follow us to the horse pen (the horses get fed first) and he would wait for his own private treat!  He was precious.  Dumpling still shows up although not as often.  We may not see him for a couple of months in fact but we always look for him.  It's funny because sometimes we think, 'is that him?' but when he does show up, we KNOW it's him.  Anyway, this is his second set of antlers that he's growing now and he is already being a bit elusive.  Even though he's becoming more elusive, he still runs to get his own private treat!

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