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Jun 03, 2011   05:41 PM
by Administrator

Well, it seems the dog days of summer have arrived early in southwest Texas!  Last Saturday our high was 112 officially and today my thermometer is showing 102.  These are temperatures we usually experience in August. 

I have noticed with the extreme heat, our deer herd showing up for feeding time has grown.  Lots of pregnant does and a good many bucks with horns sprouting out their heads.  A few large fawns as well, they must have been born late.  The does should be dropping their fawns very soon now.  Last year we had a great fawn crop, most does had both fawns live and do well.  Will be watching for fawns soon - the mothers hide them in the trees outside the feeding ground. They are quite a cute thing to watch once they get a little braver and start running and playing together. 

I'll be reporting on their condition and numbers once the birthing process is over. 

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