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J's Wild Game Processing
Mar 28, 2011   10:13 AM
by Administrator

The Lechewe is colored chestnut red with a white underside and black stripes low down on the shoulders extending down the front of the legs.  This animal originates from Africa.  It's horns sweep back and up from the head and the male weighs about 200 lbs. 

Mar 26, 2011   10:01 AM
by Administrator

The Impala is from the antelope family and from Africa.  They are reddish brown on the top half of his body and light tan on the lower half.  The horns grow up, back, and back up agbain.  Males weigh about 175 lbs. and femailes 90 lbs.  They have long legs and being antelope, run very fast. 

Hawaiian Black Sheep
Mar 25, 2011   09:08 AM
by Administrator

The Hawaiian Black Sheep, while predominantly black, may have an outer coat of reddish colored wool.  They will have a white muzzle and their horns are usually dark.  The horns grow up, back, down, forward, up and out - large males weigh around 140 lbs.  There are fewed of this species of rams than the4 other sheep species.  They have a thick beard on their neck making for a really nice trophy mount.

Mar 24, 2011   08:37 AM
by Administrator

The Gemsbok is from the antelope family and are originally from Africa.  They are large animals with clown-like markings in the face.  Black, white, and gray - they are truly a beautiful animal.  Large males weigh about 250 lbs. 

Fallow Deer
Mar 22, 2011   05:12 PM
by Administrator

The Fallow Deer is one of the favorite exotics with our hunters.  It can be white, chocolate, or reddish brown with white spots.The palmated horns can have up to 20 - 30 points.  These animals originally came from Europe and were introduced to the U. S. by George Washington on his Mt. Vernon estate.  A beautiful animal!

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