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Auodad Sheep
Mar 11, 2011   08:40 AM
by Administrator

This sheep with a long beard and chaps on his front legs is tan in color and definately one tough animal to hunt.  His horns grow out and back over his neck.  Their breeding season is usually around October.  A male will weigh up to 250 lbs. and the female up to 100 lbs.  This is the wildest and most elusive of all exotic species.

Texas Exotics - Addax Antelope
Mar 10, 2011   02:04 PM
by Administrator

The Addax Antelope is originally from Africa.  Being white with a gray masked face, his horns corkscrew up making 2 or more twists on both males and females.  A member of the oryx family, they are native to dry deserts and have do very well on game ranches in Southwest Texas.  A male can weight as much as 275 lb.s and female up to 200 lbs.   They both make good trophy mounts.

Diaphragm call techniques
Mar 08, 2011   12:50 PM
by Administrator

To locate gobblers a diaphragm call is a great tool when used properly and not too aggressively.  Cutting helps to find gobblers after they have left their roost and are looking for hens to attract.  Sharply cutt in about 3 second bursts, stop and listen.  If you hear a tom in an area not visible to you, cup your hand and slowly turn your head while calling on your diaphragm.

Tip on calling
Mar 03, 2011   06:20 AM
by Administrator

If using a box or slate call, direct it toward an area you think there may be a tom in order to increase the volume of your cutts and yelps. 

Calling tips
Mar 02, 2011   06:22 AM
by Administrator

One of the most common mistakes in calling is calling too much!  It's kind of like rattling in a whitetail deer, less is more!  When a tom gobbles at you, be quiet.....he thinks you are a hen and knows where you are.  If he doesn't talk, then cluck and yelp (a little) in order to gain his attention but then shut up.  Wait and listen.  You might imitate a hen flying down by flapping your cap or a turkey wing.  Just don't over work the bird.

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