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J's Wild Game Processing
May 02, 2011   09:25 AM
by Administrator

The American Bison (known most commonly as Buffalo) is the largest animal in North America.  They are up to about 6 1/2 feet tall and can weigh over 2000 lbs.  Even though they are extremely large, they are very quick and agile movers.  Their curved horns grow to be about 2 feet in length.  They are grazers and eat not only grass but also shrubs and herbs, even twigs.  Their meat is especially good and known for its healthy qualities.  A buffalo can live up to about 20 years. 

May 01, 2011   11:28 AM
by Administrator

This is another species from Africa - he is reddish brown in color with a white face and usually has a brown band just below his eyes.  His belly is off-white and legs light brown.  He is a grassland animal and likes to be near both shade and water.  He is quite territorial and protective of his harem of females. 

High Fence Properties
Apr 30, 2011   09:01 PM
by Administrator

High fencing a property should only be done after a landowner gives the prospect much thought and preparation.  While high fencing property is generally thought to be a method of keeping animals inside a property's boundaries, it is actually a tool to keep inferior animals out - especially whitetail deer. One of the most important considerations when making a decision about using a high fence for your property is the responsibiltiy of feeding the animals within the fence.  During a droughthy period, feed bills can run extremely high and can be quite expensive.  A high fence means the land owner is willing to accept responsibility to care for the game he is 'fencing in'. 

More On Exotics
Apr 29, 2011   04:35 PM
by Administrator

A common misperception among hunters is that hunting exotics is similar to hunting a feed pen. While this may be true with some outfitting services, not so with Rocky Woodford.  We offer a few exotics for hunting under low fence and larger animals under high fence.  Our high fenced ranches are heavily wooded in areas allowing for lots of cover for animals.  This is hunting - and hunting even high fence does not mean instant success.  Again, this is hunting, not shooting.


More About Exotics
Apr 28, 2011   07:46 AM
by Administrator

In discussing animals that are available year round, we also can always hunt the varieties of sheep - Hawaiin Black Sheep, Corsican Ram, Texas Dall, Red Sheep, etc.  Animals such as Red Stag, Elk, Fallow Deer, Sika Deer shed their horns in late winter/early spring and need to be hunted accordingly.

There are also several exotics that can be hunted at any time such as Zebra, Water Buffalo, Red Lechewe just to name a few.

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