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Ride Hunting
May 18, 2011   08:51 AM
by Administrator

Ride hunting is probably the most popular method of hunting the rut.  You can cover lots of ground and see a good many bucks after hot does.  Deer grow accustomed to vehicle traffic and when an estrus doe will hold her ground and not run from a vehicle, hunters are given the chance to really look at bucks that are with her.  The truck virtually acts as a mobile stand.  This is also a great way to locate big bucks and be aware of areas they are traveling.

Stand Hunting
May 17, 2011   10:29 AM
by Administrator

Stand Hunting is one of the most used methods of hunting in this area.  Texas is legal for the use of food plots and feeders to attract wild game.  While there is a general misunderstanding of the use of stands with non-hunters, most hunters have come to realize that using this method does not guarantee a shot at a trophy buck.  The use of feed is primarily to entice does and younger animals to the feeding area with the hopes that a trophy animal will relax enough to venture closer.  Trophy animals not only become bigger trophies with age, they also become quite elusive and wise to human ploys.  Stand hunting is also a wonderful method to sit and view a good many game.  Stand hunting has proven very successful with us and we have several seasoned hunters that prefer this method to any.  While rattling usually calls for a quick decision and response to harvest an animal, stand hunting can allow the hunter more time to judge the quality of the animal and to take a shot.

May 16, 2011   09:50 AM
by Administrator

Rattling whitetail deer is one of our most popular methods of hunting.  Your guide drives you to an area he has located that allows good visual of approaching animals.  The guide parks the truck and everyone exits quietly and walks to the chosen rattling spot.  The hunter is situated to have the best views of any incoming deer and the rattling begins. 

There is technique to rattling - less is definitely more.  Sometimes scraping the ground and raking bushes are also incorporated into the rattling process.  A successful rattling session has at least one whitetail buck run into the area in an effort to see a good fight and locate a hot doe.  Many times however, several bucks show up and it is quite an exciting event. 

Rattling methods are usually successful most time of the hunting season.

May 13, 2011   06:16 AM
by Administrator

Watusi cattle are one of the most attractive species of the bovine.  They are medium sized with large, long horns and may be solide or spotted colored. They have been traced back in history more than 6,000 years.  The cows weigh up to 1200 lbs. and bulls about 1600 lbs.  These large animals make a beautiful addition to any trophy wall.

May 10, 2011   07:59 AM
by Administrator

The Roan is another species from the antelope family.  Much like the Sable Antelope but is a little smaller and it's horns shorter.  He is reddish gray in color with a black and white mask on his face. 

 A Roan Antelope is a beautiful addition to anyone's trophy room.

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