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Question About Exotics
Apr 27, 2011   01:22 PM
by Administrator

Are there any exotics that can be hunted at any time of the year?

Two of our most populare Texas Exotic species can be hunted anytime - these are Blackbuck Antelope and Axis Deer.  The Blackbuck Antelope never shed their horns so they are available year round and the Axis Deer shed their horns determined by their birth date and not a specific time of year.  When a ranch hosts large herds of Axis Deer as ours do, there are always some Deer in hard horn and a few in velvet.

Turkey's Making Noise!
Apr 26, 2011   08:00 AM
by Administrator

Spring Turkey hunting has been slow to really get going in Southwest Texas - reports of birds not coming to call and having to be hunted over feeders has been prevalent.  Our last hunt however was very productive for our hunters.  We received a couple of small evening storms through the area and a few drops of rain seem to have set the gobblers vocal chords off - gobblers are doing their dance - FIANLLY!

Apr 25, 2011   01:06 PM
by Administrator

The Zebra is another animal that comes from Africa.  Males are about 4'6" in heighth at maturity and weigh about 700 lbs.  Females weigh about 550 lbs. Their stripes are unique in pattern much as human fingerprints. 

Water Buffalo
Apr 24, 2011   01:42 PM
by Administrator

The Water Buffaclo is another African animal.  Normally Black or gray, his horns sweep out and up.  Males can weigh around 1500 lbs. and females about 1000 lbs.  Water buffalo are apt to completely submerge themselves under water for a minute or longer.  They are related to the cape buffalo and can be very dangerous.

Apr 23, 2011   08:27 AM
by Administrator

The Waterbuck comes from Africa.  he is grayish brown in color and has a ring on the rump that circles his tail.  He is a 'greasy' animal with hair about 3" long.  The greasy coat allows him to stay in water for long periods of time.  Horns grow up and a bit forward.  Large males weigh about 550 lbs.

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