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More on Turkey......
Feb 15, 2011   11:23 AM
by Administrator

Turkey call:  The Yelp

Turkeys use 4-10 note series when trying to find other turkeys.  They have been known to yelp in longer or shorter sequences at times.  The "kee-awk,kee-awk" yelp (or two-note yelp) can be raspy to high-pitched.  The hen yelps are faster in cadence and not as deep throated as gobbler yelps.

Let's Talk Turkey
Feb 14, 2011   07:20 AM
by Administrator

All turkey speak the same language, all 5 subspecies have 28 calls.  Each call carries it's own message. These are their primary calls:

Yelp, Tree Yelp, Cluck, Cutt, Cackle, Purr, Gobble, Spit & drum, Kee-kee.

Rocky Woodford Outfitting Blog - Let's Talk!
Feb 11, 2011   12:06 PM
by Administrator

With 2010 hunting season wrapped up and 2011 on the horizon, our intent is to keep you up to date with our news, hunting info, and comments through the ever popular 'blog'.  We welcome your comments, stories, or any news you would like to publish as well. 

Our next hunting schedule arrives the 1st Saturday of April with Spring Turkey Hunting and we only have a few openings available.  If you need to know available dates, please email or call. 

Well, we'll be talking to you! Thanks so much!

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