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Eland Antelope
Mar 17, 2011   08:34 AM
by Administrator

This Eland is one of the largest antelope, tan in color and both male and female have horns.  The male usually has larger horns and weighs up to 1500 lbs. (females weigh around 500 lbs.).  The meat is great and lots of it!  Can be an elusive animal to hunt!

Dama Gazelle
Mar 16, 2011   07:20 AM
by Administrator

The Dama Gazelle antelope is white with a reddish brown neck, long legs, and short horns.  A large male will weigh around 165 lbs. and females about 120 lbs.  This species originates from Africa and has adapted very well to Texas ranches.

Corsican Sheep
Mar 14, 2011   02:35 PM
by Administrator

The Corsican Sheep is originally from West Indies.  It is brown with either a black or white belly and the males often have a long black beard on the bottom of their neck.  The males have horns that curl out to the side of their head and will weigh around 140 lbs..  The Corsican rams look much like a bighorn ram except they are smaller and have a beard. 

Blackbuck Antelope
Mar 13, 2011   08:30 AM
by Administrator

One of our most popular species to hunt, the Blackbuck Antelope originates from India.  The populations of this animal in Texas are now greater than in their native country, in other words, they thrive in our warm climate.  They are considered to be the most exotic of all the exotics.  Mature males are black and white with some brown and the young males and females are light tan and white.  Only the bucks have horns which corkscrew up and back.  A trophy Blackbuck should have at least 4 spirals and will weight around 100 lbs.  They mark their territory by returning to the same spot to go to the bathroom every day.  They like open country and are very fast.

Axis Deer
Mar 12, 2011   07:45 AM
by Administrator

The Axis Deer originates from India and is considered the most beautiful deer in the world.  Chestnut brown with white spots, they have a large throat patch, long antlers with usually 3 points per side.   Bucks will weigh around 250 lbs. and does about 100 lbs.  They grow antlers and breed any month of the year but most are in hard horn in the summer. 

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