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Mule Deer - Facts
Jun 01, 2012   12:18 PM
by Administrator

Mule Deer is cousin to whitetail deer species.  The Mule deer differs from the whitetail in the color of their tail, they have larger ears (thus "mule deer"), and their antlers are different in that they fork.  They can run but usually hop on all four feet much like a blackbuck antelope.  The mule deer shed their horns around February much the same time as the whitetail and also like the whitetail, mule deers' horn begin growing back almost immediately upon shedding.

Great Weather!
May 08, 2012   08:48 AM
by Administrator

I know most of you are aware we had great rainfall amounts during the winter which insured us having good horn development but the rain has kicked in again.  Just when the grass and browse had dulled, the rains have started falling again.  We will not only have horns but our now healthy deer will stay healthy!  As will our turkeys and with this much cover we should have a really good turkey hatch - not to mention we've heard reports of quail.  All to say, things are good in Southwest Texas!

Weather Report
Mar 05, 2012   12:24 PM
by Administrator

  These days everyone is concerned with weather it seems.  In 2011 Texas, like most of the nation, experienced weather conditions unlike any remembered and the weather had a tremendous and adverse effect on hunting.  All to remind us that this is hunting, not shooting!

  Happily 2012 is presenting us with the best weather experienced for West Texas in years.  While I've already reported on the rainfall and snow leading to browse for wildlife through the winter - we now have warm, mild weather and green is everywhere.  Fillery is still blooming in the pastures and we have rain in the forecast later this week. 

  Turkey season is just around the corner - just love hunting!

Rain, Rain, Rain!
Feb 28, 2012   01:55 PM
by Administrator

Just want to let you guys know that we have been blessed with rain and snow at the most critical time of nutritional needs for horn development.  Over 11 inches of moisture since December (and this is February!) have our pastures blanketed with fillery which is one of the highest forms of protein nature provides - can be compared to alfalfa.  Horn development should be great for 2012!


RWO Hunter Published!
Oct 10, 2011   01:09 PM
by Administrator

 We have had the pleasure of hunting Steve Koerner and his son Arthur for a couple of years now.  Steve is also a member of Huntin' Fool and those of you that hunt with us at our deer camp will remember seeing the Huntin' Fool magazines everywhere.  The current issue (October) has a really good story of Steve's hunt in Colorado for a very nice bull Elk. 

So if you are a member of Huntin' Fool as well, look for his story - if not, I'll have one at camp for you to enjoy! 

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