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Slate call
Mar 01, 2011   10:34 AM
by Administrator

The slate call allows for a good bit of versatility in your calls.  A striker that is held tightly and ran near the edges of the ot allow for higher pitched calls.  Hodl that same peg or striker looksely and stroke the pot in the middle for cutts, yelps and clucks.  There are also different types of strikers available that allow for further versatility in the sound of your calls. Experiment!

Using a Diaphragm call
Feb 28, 2011   09:25 AM
by Administrator

The diaphragm call is a great tool allowing you to call turkeys effectively yet maintaining full use of your hands for hunting.  The diaphragm fits halfway between your front teeth and back of your mouth.  It can be bent if it feels too big and doesn't feel to fit your mouth.  It should fit comfortably against your palate.  The beter the call seals against your mouth, the better your clucks and yelps will sound.

Tip of the Day
Feb 25, 2011   09:37 AM
by Administrator

Here in Texas, our Rio Grande Turkeys roost in the tallest trees available.  Generally these are oak tress (we have also seen them roost on power line poles) and are usually found in this country around a water source such as creek or river.  We have both river and creek country on our properties insuring that we always have turkeys.  It has been usually warm the last week and gobblers are around my house every morning to greet me!  Gobble-gobble! Spring Turkey Hunting is almost here!

Feb 24, 2011   01:01 PM
by Administrator


Sometimes known as "spit and drum", this call is used to attact hens by the toms.  It is not a noise generated by the feathers but actually is a deep throated noise forced from deep within the gobblers chest.  I have personally heard a "drum" from almost 100 yards away.  This call really shakes me up!  Gotta love turkey hunting!!!

Turkey Call "Kee-kee"
Feb 23, 2011   07:59 AM
by Administrator


A 3 note call used primarily by young turkeys from autumn through spring.  It is a soft whistle and is sometimes combined with a yelp to make up the "kee-kee run".

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