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Thomson't Gazelle
Apr 22, 2011   03:31 PM
by Administrator

The Thomson's gazelle is from Africa.  He is tan with a large black stripe on his sides and white belly.  Their horns grow up and curve back over the top of their neck.  The males weigh up to 60 lbs. and the females weigh about 40 lbs.  This is considered to be the most handsome and graceful of the gazelle family.

Texas Dall Ram
Apr 20, 2011   08:57 AM
by Administrator

This completely white sheep (sometimes golden) has horns that curl beside his face.  Large males will weigh about 140 lbs.  This is a hybrid sheep that originated in Texas.

Apr 19, 2011   08:29 AM
by Administrator

The Springbok is a small antelope with reddish tan body and a chocolate band running along its side.  He has a white underbelly and short horns.  The name comes from his habit of jumping into the air when surprised.  They almost have a zipper on the back in front of the tail, which, when opened, displays a long white hair.  Quite unique!

Sika Deer
Apr 17, 2011   08:41 PM
by Administrator

The Sika Deer comes from Japan, is brown in color and looks like a small elk.  There are 4 sub-species in this country - the Japanese, Manchurian, Formosan, and Dybowski. 

Scimitar Oryx
Apr 14, 2011   09:00 PM
by Administrator

The Scimitar Oryx is from North Africa and is a member of the antelope family.  It is white with red coloring around the neck.  Both males and females have horns that are long and curved back over their backs.  This is a large animal, males weighing about 300 lbs. and females about 200 lbs.

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