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Spring Turkey call for the day........
Feb 22, 2011   10:03 AM
by Administrator


Tom Turkeys gobble - man do they gobble around here!  Although springtime is their primary time to express their dominance and to attract hens, they also gobble on warm days of autumn and winter.  Mature birds have aggressive and loud gobbles, while jakes are in the learning process!  The gobble of a young jake can sound a bit squeaky as he tries to find his 'voice'!

Feb 21, 2011   03:14 PM
by Administrator

A relaxed, soft call you'll hear from both hens and gobblers while feeding.  A sign of contentment.

Feb 18, 2011   10:39 AM
by Administrator

It seems hens are the cacklers!  They cackle flying to and from roost trees or when flying to cross water or terrain.  The cackles are fast and irregular clucks and yelps, then clucks after landing.


Feb 17, 2011   10:24 AM
by Administrator

Another of the turkey calls is called "Cutt".  These are fast and irregular clucks used by hens that are excited or lost from the other turkeys and are used mostly in the spring.  They are loud and last generally 5-15 seconds.

Feb 16, 2011   02:18 PM
by Administrator

  Both hens and Gobblers use a one-syllable "Cluck" which can be soft to staccato in sound.  They use this call to locate and communicate with other turkeys.  You will usually hear them cluck softly first thing in the morning.

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