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Food Plots
May 30, 2011   08:02 AM
by Administrator

The use of food plots is determined regionally.  In the southeast, food plots can be used in the spring and summer to supplement protein intake.  In this part of the country however, food plots are used as attractants and as winter forage which greatly assists in the health of deer.  Any food plot or nutrition supplement available at any time of year is a great tool to help wildlife thrive.

Antler Growth
May 27, 2011   02:29 PM
by Administrator

After a buck loses it's antlers, it doesn't take long to begin his new growth of horns.  Usually by April you can see horns beginning to re-grow.  I always laugh at the bucks around our house during the time they are without horns.  The larger animals seem to not quite understand what has happened and their ears seem to hang really low like they are afraid to perk them up. They almost look embarrassed!  The more minerals and nutrition they receive nutritionally during early spring and summer, the better the horn re-growth is.

Shed Hunting
May 26, 2011   12:46 PM
by Administrator

Whitetail Deer in this part of the country generally begin losing their horns around February - March.  After horns have dropped, shed hunting is pretty popular around here.  Great places to look for sheds are fence lines.  Often when jumping a fence a buck will lose one, if not both horns during the jolting to his head.  It is not uncommon to find one horn on one side of the fence and the other across the fence.  When a buck has something distinct to his antlers, this is a great way to track his growth from year to year if you can find his sheds throughout his lifetime. 



Weapon Choice
May 20, 2011   09:34 AM
by Administrator

The most common weapon of choice is rifle although we do allow bowhunting and have had several successful bow hunts.  Recommended rifle would be anything from 243 on up.  Most shots taken will be 100 - 200 yards.  The most important factor is that the hunter have confidence with the rifle chosen and his skills with that rifle.  Bullet placement is also a primary factor.  Our choice of bullets are bonded bullets, they stay together best and usually allow an exit wound giving a good blood trail if tracking is necessary.

Spot & Stalk
May 19, 2011   09:29 AM
by Administrator

Spot and stalk is a method of hunting allowing hunters to make visual contact with the animal he is seeking.  The hunter then uses the cover of terrain accessible to close the distance until he is comfortable with the distance in order to attempt the harvest shot - whether by rifle or bow.  This can be a very difficult but extremely rewarding method of hunting.  Hunting in it's purest form!

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