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Sable Antelope
Apr 13, 2011   08:02 AM
by Administrator

A large, impressive antelope - black in color with a white underside, his face is painted black and white.  His horns arch up and back over his shoulders and can weigh about 500 lbs.  The sable antelope is one of the most spectacular big game species in the world.  He comes from Africa.

Red Sheep
Apr 08, 2011   07:29 AM
by Administrator

Red Sheep come from Iran and are reddish brown in body with a creme colored face.  Horns grow out and curle back in towards their face.  Many ranches crossbreed Armenian sheep to mouflon and call them red sheep but they are not. 

Red Deer
Apr 07, 2011   02:37 PM
by Administrator

The Red Deer (sometimes referred to as Red Stag) hails from Europe.  A large reddish brown deer with long hair about 3" has a beard with hair about 5" long.  Mature males will have antlers with 5- points per antler and will weigh about 400 lbs.  Red Deer are the cousin of the North American Elk. The male stag may have e or more points sprouting from th end of his antler and this cluster is called a crown.  A royal stag has 2 crowns.

Pere David Deer
Apr 06, 2011   08:59 AM
by Administrator

This animal would be extinct if not for the use of game ranches.  Coming from China, they are named for a Catholic priest named Father David (in French Pere David) who built a high fence and put a few of them inside.  Those deer became the last of the species.

The animals are brownish-gray colored and males weigh about 400 lbs.  Their horns have multiple points and their brow tynes are very long.

Nubian Ibex
Apr 03, 2011   08:12 PM
by Administrator

The Nubin Ibex is from Sudan, is light brown with a dark dorsal stripe and is a fairly small animal weighing about 100 lbs.  The horns of the Nubian Ibex have pronounced knots on the forward edge of the horns and grow up, back, and then hook back in.  He is similar to the Siberian Ibex but much smaller.  Unlike the Siberian though, the Nubian is a hardy animal and does well in Texas. 

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